Our Services

Seller & Buyer Representation

In addition to providing local market comparable information for your property and information for competing properties, we also provide intelligent solutions for a quick sale utilizing the following services:

  • Broker’s opinion of value
  • Canvassing the market and reaching out to prospective buyers
  • Community involvement
  • National affiliations and marketing platforms
  • Contacting and communicating with other real estate professionals, coordinating site visits and developing proposals
  • Negotiating the best price for your property
  • 1031 exchange

As real estate professionals, we have first-hand knowledge of how to best analyze and predict market movements, as well as evaluate and analyze specific locations. We offer our buyers assistance with:

  • Property valuations and comparable data analysis
  • Property inspections
  • Entitlements
  • Proposals
  • Zoning

Landlord & Tenant Representation

Our focus is to maximize cash flow for the property owner by maintaining a thorough understanding of the market place and developing a target marketing program that brings value to the property.  Our Brokers will develop marketing materials, identify and solicit potential tenants, conduct showings, develop deal proposals and communicate with the property owner throughout the process until the deal is complete.

Edward J. Lewis, Inc. provides tenant representation services locally and regionally.  We work with tenants to develop an understanding of their particular methods and requirements to achieve a market strategy for long term success.  Our goal is to develop and maintain long term relationships with the clients we serve through superior service, confidentiality and trust worthiness.

Opinions of value

We assist our clients by providing analysis of the property to be acquired.

We help our clients determine if a proposed project is financially viable and if it will meet their financial return goals.

We can research, analyze and estimate a market lease rate for an individual property or an entire portfolio.

We can provide up to date market information to help our clients make the best decision.

Our lead appraiser is a state of Ohio “Certified General Appraised”  with over 25 years of experience, education and expert witness testimony experience.




An equipment auction can generate much synergy in conjunction with a real estate sale.  While during the auction day, the Auctioneer determines the time and day to sell potential Buyers are primed to bid higher.

For property owners who are motivated to sell their real estate, the auction provides a specific timetable for the sale and transfer of the property.

The auction process sells the real estate in As Is, How Is Condition. The winning bidder pays a nonrefundable earnest money deposit on auction day and the majority of closing costs are paid by Buyer.

Sometimes the real estate has been listed and available to the general market for

an uncomfortable period of time. The auction process can dictate the timeframe for the sale of the real estate and be a SUPERTOOL to sell the property! The auction may bring prospects to bid, who did not previously consider the real estate, or would not make an offer while the property was conventionally listed for sale.

The auction is held both online and live at the real estate site. This process gathers more prospects to bid, which results in a higher sale price.